Enter the White Room


artist statement

Our everyday environment is enveloped in imagery - it extends beyond the physical to include the dimension of simulation found in television, film and cyberspace. White Room makes palpable this evolving media-space by actively engaging us in a nonlinear video-based narrative.

Developing the dialectic of discovery and concealment, the installation can be understood as a contemporary
memory theatre
. The furnishings are narrative touchstones, imbued with fragments of the story that are revealed to us as we interact with each piece.

As though in a lucid dream, we must navigate this hyper-real landscape using the room as both map and metaphor of the characters' lives. In doing so, we become more than a witness of their cross-simulacra love affair - we become a character of our own authorship, and find ourselves caught up in their struggle to communicate.

Compelling us to dwell in the blurred intersections of memory, dream and experience, White Room calls into question our perception of reality and explores the idea of agency in the digital age.