Enter the White Room



The various pieces of furniture in the room are your interface to the artwork. When sitting in the chair, for example, you trigger proximity sensors that activate audio-visual scenes. A network of computers coordinates the order in which these scenes are revealed based on the sequence of sensors that are triggered.

White Room floor plan
click image to see full-size floor plan in Adobe Acrobat

The immersive environment of White Room is created by the synchronization of surround sound with three video outputs: television, still projection and the LookBot.

The LookBot is a computer-controlled pan/tilt mount that is able to swing a projection around the room in the same motion and direction as the image being projected. For example, when an image pans right in the (ordinarily static) frame, the LookBot moves it in a rightward motion around the room. In this way, the correspondence of physical and virtual space is exact.

The programmable computer software that runs the White Room is Touch 010 - a real-time graphics engine that generates video orientation data - and Max/MSP - digital audio software.

As these programs were developed for performance-driven output, they allow you to manipulate or scratch the environment like a DJ would vinyl. Ultimately, your interaction with the space directs the artwork.